Friday, September 4, 2009

New Jekyll and Hyde thought.

I am trying to leave religion and God out of my thought process on this subject. Not because I don't believe in God, I most certainly do. However, what about the people who don't? What about those who do not believe in this higher being and just live their lives, figuring out from day to day what it is they are suppose to be doing with no regard for the creation of the universe according to our belief in the bible and God. I have met some very wonderful, kind, caring individuals who do not have a relationship with God. So where did their kindness start? And what about those individuals who are mean spirited, hateful, with no regard for other's feelings or needs? If they believe in the absence of God then they must also believe in the absence of an evil being. So in this instance where does kindness and mean spiritedness (probably not a word) come from? And to what do these people attribute kindness and mean spiritedness.

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